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Pacific Dock & Piling recognizes that the thought of turning an idea for new construction into a completed project can be intimidating and overwhelming. Once you begin building on the coastal waters of California, the level of complexity grows exponentially.

Between producing a design that conforms to local, state, and federal building standards; navigating the maze of agencies that must issue permits to build; and fulfilling the requirements of permitting applications; it is easy to see how a homeowner or business owner would get discouraged before they ever got the required permits, let alone thought about how to find a qualified contractor.

This is the reason why Pacific Dock & Piling was created. Pacific Dock & Piling is a marine contractor and a floating dock manufacturer with decades of experience in permitting and designing marine construction projects in California’s bays and harbors.

Pacific Dock & Piling operates by offering engineering designs and construction to our clients on a Lump Sum basis, while we typically perform permitting work on a cost-plus basis. This is because as there can be numerous factors that influence the requirements of the permitting process, and we want to assure that we charge our clients only for the permitting coordination services that end up being required for their particular project.

Pacific Dock & Piling approaches the complicated process of permitting, designing, and constructing waterfront projects in a manner that is straightforward and easy for our clients. A typical project will progress as follows:

  • Discovery Phase – A representative of Pacific Dock & Piling will visit the proposed project site and meet with our prospective client. During this visit, we will identify and clarify the desires of our client. We will also assess the project site for constructability and explain the known constraints of the permitting process. This will allow PD&P and our client to come to a common understanding of a desirable and achievable project.
  • Design & Permitting Contract – Pacific Dock & Piling will provide the prospective client with a proposal to perform the design and permitting of their project. At this time, we will also provide a cost estimate to construct the project. Because the actual design has not been created, and the permitting process could cause the final product to change from the initial concept, PD&P does not issue a formal quote to construct the project at this phase. Once our client has agreed to our proposal for design and permitting, we enter into a contract for this scope of work.
  • Pre-Permitting Services – Pacific Dock & Piling begins gathering information required to obtain project permits. This includes performing an Eelgrass & Caulerpa Survey, obtaining approval in concept from the local building department, gathering and performing laboratory analysis on dredge material, and other services depending on the project type.
  • Design & Permitting – At this stage, once the pre-permitting services have provided the information necessary to establish the approach to permitting and the permit types required, PD&P will begin filing permit applications with the required agencies. Simultaneously, we will have one of our consultant design engineers create the actual project construction plans.
  • Design & Permitting Completion – Once the permit applications have been approved, the design engineer will make any last adjustments required to the construction plans and we will submit them to the local building department.
  • Construction Contract – Once all permits are in place, and the construction plans have been accepted by our client and approved by the local building department, PD&P will provide a formal proposal to construct the project in accordance with the approved plans. Once our client has approved our proposal, we enter into a formal construction contract with our client.
  • Preconstruction Meeting – Prior to fabricating materials or ordering products to be included in the project, PD&P will hold a meeting with our client to discuss the construction process and how it may affect their day to day operations on their property. This meeting provides an opportunity to discuss the project schedule and any concerns either party may have regarding the project.
  • Onsite Construction – Once all required materials have been procured and fabricated, PD&P will mobilize to our client’s property on an agreed upon date. At this time the construction process will begin. During construction, our client will be provided with the contact information for their Project Manager in case they have any questions or concerns. During the construction phase, PD&P will take care of setting up inspections with the design engineer as well as the building department.
  • Project Completion – Once onsite construction work has been completed, PD&P will obtain necessary sign-offs from the Building Department, the design engineer, and our client. At this time, it is critical for our client to express any concerns they may have so we may address them prior to close-out of the project.
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