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The Pacific Dock & Piling team has successfully planned, permitted, managed, and implemented a variety of floating dock, pier, and piling related projects in Southern California for a number of years. Our mission is to provide the homeowner or business manager with a stress free and professional solution to designing, permitting, and building a floating dock, pier, or piling related project.


Upper Newport Bay Floating Dock Replacement Project

This 100% Design-Build project, performed for California Department of Fish & Game in Newport Harbor, required the demolition of an existing concrete floating dock system and replacement with a new aluminum dock. The new 900 SF aluminum dock system and aluminum gangway were installed in accordance with strict environmental controls, including the development and implementation of a water quality monitoring program during the construction process.

Rhine Channel Wharf Repairs & Public Dock

This two phase project, performed for the City of Newport Beach, required repairs to an existing public loading wharf as well as the design & construction of a timber public dock system. Wharf repairs included demolition of the existing wharf down to the bearing piles, concrete restoration of the bearing piles and adjacent bulkhead, and reconstruction of the wharf's timber structure. The wharf's concrete approach apron was also removed and replaced. The new public dock involved design and construction of a pile supported concrete landing platform as well as an 8'x100' floating dock and guide piles with an 80' ADA compliant gangway.

Heritage Yacht Sales Dock Piling

This project required the removal of 9 existing concrete guide piles and installation of eleven new 18" square guide piles through a riprap revetment in Alamitos Bay, CA.

Orange County Parks Dock Replacement Project

This project, performed for Orange County Parks in Newport Harbor, involved the demolition of an existing 10 slip floating dock system including the removal of 5 existing concrete guide piles and an existing timber access pier with gangways. Subsequently, this project required the installation of 7 new coated steel piles using a barge-mounted drill rig. A new 10 slip timber floating dock was installed along with a new concrete access pier and 2 new aluminum gangways.

Balboa Marina Renovation

This project involved the demolition and disposal of existing dock facilities, followed by installation of 66 round concrete piles. Fourteen and sixteen inch diameter piles were 35' - 38' in length and driven to an average penetration of 20'. All work was conducted under close supervision of government agencies and was in compliance with environmental regulations. Mitigation efforts included assembly of a 7,000 sf eel grass habitiat constructed of driven sheet piles.

 Santa Cruz Harbor V-Dock Replacement

 This project, performed for the Santa Cruz Port District, was a fast-tracked design-build project involving the demolition of a 7,700 SF, 60 Slip concrete marina dock, and the installation of a new 7,700 SF dock constructed of fiber-reinforced structural plastic lumber.  This job included the installation of electrical, potable water, and fire systems throughout the new dock.



Giovanni's Fish Market Dock Installation

This project required driving steel pipe pile sleeves over existing timber fender piles. Subsequently, a new timber and composite floating dock system with 140' long main walk and four 40' long fingers was installaed in Morro Bay, CA.


Pile Driving