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Seawall & Bulkhead Portfolio

The Pacific Dock & Piling project team has constructed a number of seawalls and bulkheads in Southern California including concrete sheet pile seawalls, steel sheet pile bulkheads, composite sheet pile groin walls, and rip rap revetments.  Regardless of the preference of our client, we are equipped to provide them with a quality structure to protect their property. 


Back Bay Bulkhead Replacement

This design-build project, performed in Newport Harbor's Back Bay, required the demolition and replacement of approximately 90 LF of steel sheet pile bulkhead.  Existing steel sheet piling were removed and disposed, and subsequently a new bulkhead was constructed of 35' long coated steel sheet piling.  This bulkhead was tied back to steel sheet piling deadmen, using 1" diameter double corrosion protected threaded rods.  A new concrete cap and railing were installed atop the new sheet pile bulkhead.   

Concrete Bulkhead Repairs - City of Newport

This project, performed for the City of Newport Beach, involved the demolition of a timber wharf structure to expose a failing concrete bulkhead.  The concrete bulkhead received crack injections and spall repairs to return the wall to working condition.  A new timber wharf structure was subsequently reconstructed. 

Cove St. Seawall Repair

In this project, Associated Pacific subcontracted to Mark A. Falcone, General Building Contractor to provide repairs to a residential seawall on Newport Harbor. Work included installation of a steel soldier pile and timber lag shoring wall, demolition of the coping on the existing seawall, and installation of a new 4' tall concrete seawall cap. The new seawall cap was tied back to a new concrete deaman wall by the use of 1" diameter DCP threaded rods.

Newport Beach Harbor Patrol Facility - Bulkhead Replacement

This project, performed at the Newport Beach Harbor Patrol Facility, required the installation of 180 LF of epoxy coated steel sheet piling.  New sheet piling were driven seaward of the existing sheet piling, and were tied back to a series of 3' diameter, 40' long concrete filled steel deadman pipes.  A concrete cap and railing system was subsequently installed atop the new sheet pile bulkhead.



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