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Permitting & Engineering

As a client of Pacific Dock & Piling, you will be provided with a single point of contact that will coordinate engineering, permitting, and construction of your project for you. During the engineering and permitting phases of your project, your PD&P contact will work with you to achieve your objectives, and will explain clearly to you what the limiting factors of your project are.


Over the years, Pacific Dock & Piling’s management has established and maintained relationships with numerous local design engineers who specialize in designing docks, piers, seawalls, and dredging projects that comply with building standards and regulatory agency requirements. PD&P works closely with our design engineering consultants to provide project designs that adhere to the desires of our clients, maintain affordability and constructability based off of the availability of equipment and materials, and achieve permit-ability based off of our interactions with the permitting agencies.

During the engineering phase of your project, Pacific Dock & Piling will come to a common understanding with you regarding the design requirements of your project, and a preliminary design will be presented to you for a sign-off prior to proceeding further with your project.


After decades of experience in navigating the maze of local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, Pacific Dock & Piling’s management has reduced project permitting down to a process. Although this permitting process differs with each project, our understanding of these processes and our relationships with these agencies allow PD&P to obtain the required permits much more quickly, affordably, and with greater ease than the average homeowner or business owner alone.

PD&P will coordinate all pre-permitting requirements; such as Eelgrass and Caulerpa surveys, soil materials sampling and analyses, and generation of conceptual designs. Pacific Dock & Piling will keep you apprised of the results of pre-permitting activities, and the results of permit application reviews. We will explain to you how the results may affect the design of your project as well as the anticipated schedule.

Once all designs and permits are in place, Pacific Dock & Piling will coordinate all inspections by the building department, design engineer, and regulatory agencies during the construction phase of your project. This assures that the project maintains compliance with all parties involved, and that this responsibility does not fall on the shoulders of our clients.